Google : Associate Cloud Engineer Certification 2019 FREE

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Created by DHANAJI MUSALE, Google Cloud Platform Gurus !
Last updated 3/2019
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What you’ll learn

  • Prepare for Google Cloud Platform : Cloud Engineer Certification


  • Course assumes no prior knowledge of Cloud or Google cloud platform.


Welcome Students !

Get This course for FREE with GCPSTART coupon ! I had to make it paid to make this course searchable because of few rating this course is was not searchable.

After being successful 28000+ Students for Google Cloud Courses –  We are welcoming you to new course for Cloud Engineer Certification  !

We have covered all you need to  understand Google Cloud Platform and Google Cloud Engineer Certification (No Questions yet :))

The structure of this course

– Aligns exact syllabus to training materials (final section is still under progress)

– Detail Theory and Hands on ! 

– Syllabus coverage Analysis for every sections.

Section – 1 to 1 mapping with google certification outline for Certification Cloud Engineer

Section 1, 2, of the course is to get you started with Google Cloud platform

Google syllabus mapping with course is as follows

Section 1: Setting up a cloud solution environment -> Section 4 of this course

Section 2: Planning and configuring a cloud solution -> Section 5 of this course

Section 3: Deploying and implementing a cloud solution -> Section 6 of this course

Section 4: Ensuring successful operation of a cloud solution -> Section 7 of this course

Section 5: Configuring access and security -> Section 8 of this course.

Still you think missing – Please let us know.

Please remember – you can always let us know on anything you want to add or if you have any questions, I or one of our team mate will respond you shortly.


GCP Gurus !Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to Advanced students preparing for Cloud Engineer Certification on Google Cloud Platform.

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